The Field Notes of Mr. Joey

It’s one of those Jamie Foxx ft.Drake’s Fall for Your Type kind of days.

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Carouselambra drum outtake.

Good morning, Maine.

If Glycerine wasn’t such a big hit and Gavin Rosdale didn’t marry Gwen Stefani, I think Bush would be a lot more of a respected 90’s band.  Sixteen Stone is siiiiiiiiick.

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When I was in middle school and high school, I would get on message boards (through dialup) for Silverchair fans.  Within these message boards were people who were big fans, like I was.  One thing we’d do is get like 6 hour VHS tapes and dub them for “trades.”  One of the tapes I got (from someone in California, I think) had this Live n Direct MTV show on it.  

I watched it probably a million times. 


#Brooklyn #snow

Murdered out Nike Holmans.

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Beautiful Brooklyn.

Snowy Brooklyn night.